1. Studies: these involve evaluation of existing or proposed processes, with recommendations for improvements, cost savings or methods of reducing or recycling effluents. Preliminary concept drawings or sketches are provided, and each recommendation is accompanied by a cost estimate and economic evaluation.

    A feature of ESCO studies is that the cost estimates are supported by our firm quotes for execution of work that is in our area of expertise.

  2. Engineering Design: we can do detailed engineering for plant layout, piping, ducting, material handling, support structures, vessel design, instrumentation and controls, electrical schematics, connections diagrams and conduit layout (including bills of materials and specifications). Equipment specifications, procurement assistance and bid evaluations may also be included. Projects up to $4 million capital have been executed on this basis. We are also experienced at retrofit and plant modification work, including obtaining field measurements, and designing for minimum interruption of production schedules.

  3. Design and Supply: this covers the design and supply of our proprietary equipment and processes, or of process systems based on our special knowledge. ESCO designs and supplies all necessary equipment, piping and controls, complete with detailed installation drawings, installation specifications, operating and maintenance instructions and start-up assistance. Operator training can also be provided.