Esco - The Company

ESCO Engineering is a small, privately-owned engineering company, located in Kingsville, Ontario, approximately 30 miles SE of Windsor/Detroit.

    Our staff of 4-5 engineers, technicians and drafters has expertise in:

      - chemical and process engineering

      - plant layout

      - piping design

      - corrosion-resistant equipment (FRP, plastics, exotic metals)

      - electrical and instrumentation

      - vessel design

      - industrial ventilation

We can offer, using associate engineers, complete plant design, including structural and civil design.

    ESCO uses the most modern tools and techniques in design

      - computer aided design of process equipment

      - computer modelling of processes

      - computer stress analyses for equipment and piping

      - computer fluid flow analyses

    All ESCO drawings are prepared on CAD - using AutoCAD. Drawings are produced on ink pen plotters, as well as with our ink-jet plotter, which can generate up to E-size vellums, or mylars in any format - ESCO or customer-specified.

    This means that drawings are generated quickly, to exact scale, and dimensionally accurate - and every print is perfect - no erasures, or illegible script.

    ESCO uses the Algor finite element analysis system for stress analysis of new designs, and the Algor fluid flow finite element analysis system for modelling of flow distribution.