ESCO specializes in these engineering fields:

  1. pickling of:

- steel
- stainless steel
- copper
- titanium

  1. pickling prior to galvanising
  2. design of countercurrent rinse systems for low water consumption
  3. effluent-free pickling systems
  4. fume exhaust systems for corrosive gases
  5. treatment of pickling line effluents for compliance with regulations
  6. design of corrosion-resistant equipment
  7. design of steel mill piping systems
  8. design of mass transfer equipment, especially plate-type scrubbers having once-through, low volume water flow
  9. feasibility studies for all types of processes
  10. design and analysis of food processing equipment
  11. chemical process engineering
  12. certification of pressure vessels and pressure piping for TSSA registration in the Province of Ontario


Food Processing Expertise
Pickling Expertise
Pollution Control Expertise